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1:1 Discipleship

Are you ready to take that next step in your relationship with Christ?

Crosspoint Discipleship

When you think about what makes a church stand out from other churches, usually it's things like the music, the sermon, the children's programs, my friends go there, etc. But none of those things really are that much different as long as the gospel is being preached. Unfortunately, there are very few churches that have any kind of DISCIPLESHIP PROCESS.


In other words, a step by step approach to helping Christians really become mature disciples. The belief that somehow Christians can just show up once a week on a Sunday Morning and mature automatically through hearing one message is not only untrue but misleading. Although many churches have some form of small groups, they typically focus on fellowship and another session of listening to someone else teach.

What are the character qualities of a disciple? What is the difference between a baby Christian and a mature Christian?


At Crosspoint we have a clear process to become a disciple. We want to help you become a mature Christian so that you can truly impact people that God brings into your life. Crosspoint is committed to developing mature disciples for Jesus Christ. Come and begin the journey that will transform your life from the inside out.

The most effective and proven way to build healthy Christians and churches is through one-on-one discipleship. Through our Discipleship Ministry, you can embark on a journey that has been traveled by countless others. The Apostles traveled this road following the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul experienced this journey and led others, like Timothy and Titus, along the way. These men in turn led other faithful men, who were themselves able to teach others the truths they had been taught. The chain continues now as you can personally begin to experience the joys and challenges of Biblical discipleship.

Crosspoint Discipleship Program

  • Discipleship is a one-on-one Bible study tailored to meet YOUR schedule. You and your discipler will meet at times which are mutually convenient.
  • Discipleship is designed to be richly fulfilling for new Christians as well as those who have been Christians for many years.
  • This class is comprised of key Biblical truths, why they are important, and how they are relevant in our lives. The study involves scripturally based teaching, Biblical references, self-examination, and memorization of a short Bible verse for each of the twenty-three lessons:

The Word of God


Eternal Security


The Lord’s Supper



God’s Will

Marriage: Husband

Marriage: Wife

Attributes of God


The Local Church




My Job and Employer

The Judgment Seat


Key Values

Spiritual Gifts


The Filling of the Spirit

  • One lesson per week is the goal; however, some people take up to one year to work through all of the lessons with another person (discipler). If you know someone who has completed the Discipleship Program, you may request that person to disciple you. Whoever is chosen will be compatible with you and flexible enough to meet your scheduling needs.

Are you ready to take that next step in your relationship with Christ?

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