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We Win in The End - Part 4

Sunday, 2/28/21

We Win in the End - Part 4

Salvation During the Tribulation

I. Who are the 144,000, and what is their purpose?

Revelation 7:1-8, Revelation 14:1-5

Matthew 24:14

II. Who are the two witnesses in

Revelation 11:3-6?

Here are the possibilities. Enoch, Moses, or Elijah.

God gives these two men incredible power. Revelation 11:6

  • Revelation 11:7-12

III. How will people become Christians during the tribulation?

How will people be saved during the tribulation?

Will the Holy Spirit be present during the tribulation time? 2

Thessalonians 2:6-7

If a person rejects Jesus before the rapture, is it possible to be saved after the rapture?

What about Matthew 24:8-13, 22?

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