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Courageous Living - Embracing Fear With Faith Part 7

Sunday, 02/25/2024

Joshua 5:1-12

Why is God asking Joshua to circumcise the Army at this time? ___________________ ______ _____________________.

What covenant is God reestablishing? _________ __________________________ ________________________.  

Genesis 17:10-12

Active faith is the outpouring of what we actually believe. James 2:26

What is the Joshua Principle? Joshua 1:8

  • The Word (Truth)
  • The Will (Purpose)
  • The Walk (Action)

God never breaks HIS covenant with humanity. Exodus 4:24-26

Why did God choose “circumcision” to be the sign of the Covenant?

1)     Health Benefits

2)     ______________________ with the lineage of Abraham.

3)     __________________________________ of the wickedness of man.

You __________________ fight the flesh with the flesh. 

Jeremiah 4:4                                     

Jeremiah 31:31     


What is the new covenant? Luke 24:20

What is another sign/symbol for the New Covenant of Jesus Christ? ______________

What are the roles in God’s Covenant with humanity? 

God’s role in the Covenant with Humanity is a ___________________.

Our part in the Covenant with God is our __________________________.

Did you know that Marriage is a covenant? Malachi 2:14

What is the sign for the Covenant of Marriage? ____ ___________________ _________.

A marriage covenant requires ______________________________.

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